Business Centers in Bogotá

GSG Business Hub is your network of business centers located in the most emblematic areas of Bogotá. Our commitment is to offer you the best user experience,adding value to your company or professional activity.

Services available in Bogotá

Comprehensive solutions adapted to the needs of your company. We take care of everything, so you can dedicate yourself exclusively to your business.

Office space rentals

Office space rentals in Bogotá

Visit and rent an office ready to go in the best areas of your city.

Meeting room rentals

Meeting rooms rentals in Bogotá

We have exclusive spaces for meetings and training with a capacity of up to 20 people.

Training room rentals

Training classroom rentals in Bogotá

We have exclusive spaces for training with capacity for up to 20 people.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices in Bogotá

Domicile your company in a privileged location, in the city you want, having a full service of maximum efficiency to your disposal and at a minimum cost.


Services to entrepreneurs

We help you achieve your goals with our consulting and administrative services, always thinking about the success of entrepreneurs.

GSG advantages

GSG Business Hub advantages in Bogotá

Discover a world of exclusive advantages that GSG Business Hub puts at your disposal.

GSG Business Hub Centers in Bogotá

You will soon find your Business center GSG Business Hub in Bogotá, located in the best location of the Colombian capital.

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The best location in Bogotá

Our business center is located in the most emblematic area of Bogotá, very close to the main financial, academic and political centers of the city. It is excellently communicated and surrounded by the best services in the capital.

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Why locate your business in Bogotá?

The Colombian capital is a rising value for those who want to start a new business.

Bogotá is a destination chosen by local and foreign companies with commercial interests Not only in Latin America but also globally, to establish and develop their economic activities. In a very short time, it has become one of the Latin America’s cities with the greatest economic and business presence in the continent.

The excellent infrastructures, their strategic impact, the ease of accessing international markets, the optimal communications by air transport, the costs competitive prices it offers compared to other capitals in the region, and an economy flourishing and favorable for business, turn Bogotá into a metropolis of ideal vanguard for entrepreneurship and success.

GSG Business Hub Advantages

Enjoy all the flexibility that your company needs in our centers and get access to a world of exclusive advantages for you and your business.

Strategic situation of the Hubs

Offer a leadership image by setting up your company in our Hubs, located in emblematic buildings close to the centers of power where political, economic and social impact decisions are made.

VIP Lounges

Enjoy, in all our centers, recreational areas enabled with various services, so that members of the GSG Community can interact in a select and dynamic environment.

Exclusive benefits

Take advantage of favorable conditions in numerous services and establishments such as private clubs, gyms, hotels or renowned restaurants, to which you will have access for being part of GSG Business Hub.

International projection

Be part of our global network of contacts in constant expansion. Coming soon: Dubai, Tokyo, Washington D.C., Bogotá, Miami, Cape Town, Brussels, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Toronto, New York and more.

Networking / Cultural agenda

Take part in our networking events and access exclusive leisure and cultural offers as private guided tours to museums, theaters, concerts, operas and other activities of
the social effervescence of the city.


Use our technological platform to boost your business. Access to All the services and advantages of the GSG Community through our exclusive app only for partners: virtual headquarters, cloud computing, etc.

And much more …

Other locations

GSG Business Hub is constantly expanding. We also have centers in the following cities.



GSG Business Hub Centers in Madrid.



Soon new GSG Business Hub Centers in Valencia.



Next opening of GSG Business Hub Centers in Lisbon.

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