Meeting Rooms in the best areas in Madrid

Madrid’s GSG Business Hub centers are located in emblematic buildings in the Spanish capital. In them you can rent office space that fits the needs of your company. Work in unique and exclusive spaces such as Casa Gallardo on Calle Ferraz or Casa-Palacio Palazuelo on Calle Alcalá, which will give your company an image of leadership and stability. Enjoy the ideal environment for the development of your business, with fully furnished and equipped facilities, high-end and elegant interior design and the latest technologies. We are the only ones that offer full optimization of resources so that you can start working from minute one.

Where do you want to work?

Choose the GSG Business Hub center that suits you best to rent your office space in Madrid

Why choose GSG Business Hub

Enjoy all the flexibility that your company needs in our business centers.

Fibre Optic Broadband

High-speed symmetric connection with the possibility of Wi-Fi or wired access.


Video or data projector, high-end TV and DVD equipment.


Possibility of renting your room by the day, half day or even hour.

Exclusive benefits

Private parking for clients in the same area, VIP access to private Clubs, gymnasiums, 5 * hotels.

Fully connected

Being in a meet does not imply being disconnected.

Integral service

Priority access to our fully personalized support and technical assistance.

Rent the Meeting Room you need with us

The smartest option to hold your meeting

The GSG Business Hub meeting rooms are optimally equipped in furniture and technology to provide your activity with the professional and advanced context that guarantees the maximum impact in a select and comfortable environment.

We offer spaces that are fully adapted to telematic communication or conference calls. All our meeting rooms have audiovisual equipment such as TV screens and video projectors.

Flipcharts/whiteboards, projectors, projection screens, catering service and many more services are available so that your meetings or conferences are dynamic, operational and comfortable.

Invest your time and resources in your business activity and let us worry about everything else.

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